Cyberbullying contributes to poor school performance, depression and even suicide.

This highly engaging, eight-session curriculum for GRADES 6-12 helps students understand what cyber bullying is, its consequences, and what students should do if they are cyber bullied.

The program includes:

• A facilitator’s guide to present the student curriculum
• Reproducible parent resources;
• Reproducible student fact sheet;
• Program poster and all student handouts;
• Resources to address cyber bullying school-wide
• Peer leader training materials; and
• A short training on cyber bullying for program facilitators/classroom teachers.

Program Goals are to:

• Raise students’ and parents’ awareness of what cyber bullying is and why it is so harmful;
• Equip students with the skills and resources to treat each other respectfully when using cyber technologies;
• Give students information about how to get help if they, or others they know, are being cyber bullied; and,
• Teach students how to use cyber technologies in positive ways.

All materials and instructions to successfully roll-out this program into your school setting are included in the 150 glossy page A4 manual and CD-ROM.

To date 100% of participants who have attended this training have stated they would recommend it to others. This followed comments like “Excellent Training” “Like the fact it is all in the book” “Easy to deliver to schools as all information is provided”

This 1 day T4T workshop can be held for your staff at your school, or you can send staff to a scheduled workshop. All enquiries or expression of interest can be directed to our senior trainer, Sandra Willie by email or telephone: (07)3117 2455 or email: