Cyberbullying contributes to poor school performance, depression and even suicide.

This highly engaging, eight-session curriculum for GRADES 6-12 helps students understand what cyber bullying is, its consequences, and what students should do if they are cyber bullied.

The program includes:

• A facilitator’s guide to present the student curriculum
• Reproducible parent resources;
• Reproducible student fact sheet;
• Program poster and all student handouts;
• Resources to address cyber bullying school-wide
• Peer leader training materials; and
• A short training on cyber bullying for program facilitators/classroom teachers.

Program Goals are to:

• Raise students’ and parents’ awareness of what cyber bullying is and why it is so harmful;
• Equip students with the skills and resources to treat each other respectfully when using cyber technologies;
• Give students information about how to get help if they, or others they know, are being cyber bullied; and,
• Teach students how to use cyber technologies in positive ways.

All materials and instructions to successfully roll-out this program into your school setting are included in the 150 glossy page A4 manual and CD-ROM.

This 1 day T4T workshop can be held for your staff at your school, or you can send staff to a scheduled workshop by clicking the ‘Attend a training’ button below. All enquiries or expression of interest can be directed to our senior trainer, Sandra Willie by email or telephone: (07)3117 2455 or email: