Cyberbullying contributes to poor school performance, depression and in some cases even suicide.

This highly engaging, five-session curriculum for GRADES 3-5 helps students understand what cyber bullying is, its consequences, and what students should do if they are cyber bullied.

– This extremely popular and highly engaging curriculum for children reflects current technological advances and includes the latest information and statistics surrounding the issue of cyberbullying and how to best address and prevent it.

– This engaging program raises awareness of what cyberbullying is and why it is so harmful, equips junior school children with the skills to treat people respectfully when using digital tools, provides information about how to get help when cyberbullying occurs, and helps parents know what to do to keep their children safe while using online technologies.

– Through stories with engaging characters PDF and real-life application, this curriculum: educates students, teachers, and parents empowers targeted students and bystanders supports targeted students and their families

– The manual supplied provides step-by-step instructions on how to implement the program within your school. The accompanying CD-ROM includes reproducible classroom materials, posters, sample policies, teacher training resources, and more.

– This curriculum is an essential resource in the movement to prevent and eliminate cyberbullying.

This 1 day T4T workshop can be held for your staff at your school, or you can send staff to a scheduled workshop. All enquiries or expression of interest can be directed to our senior trainer, Sandra Willie by email or telephone: (07)3117 2455 or email: