Online Course

When life is too busy sometimes, online learning from the comfort of your own home or desk is a better solution!

This virtual environment will explore the many questions around suicide such as hints, cues and triggers for suicidal behaviours. It will assist you to recognize and respond to warning signs indicating that a person may be considering suicide and explain how to explore any indications, direct or indirect that the person may be at risk of suicide.

On completion you will feel more comfortable about asking directly about thoughts of suicide and self-harm whenever there are grounds for concern.

You will learn:
• How to discover what links the person to life
• How to collaborate with the person to increase their immediate safety
• How to provide a safety net around them until further help can be accessed
• How to manage an emergency situation and the key actions you need to consider
• How to help the person identify coping strategies to manage reoccurring suicidal thoughts
• How to determine if an underlying mental health concern is a contributing factor
• How to address possible barriers to help seeking or accepting help
• How to develop and document a safety plan
• How to identify and respond to the need for your own supervision and debriefing

This is a self paced e-learning space with interactive activities to help you complete the course, typically in two to four hours. Fee to enrol is $110.00 (includes 10% GST), this includes a certificate on successful completion of the course. To express your interest simply click the enquire button below and send us your details.