“The anguish is a palpable pain in my heart, so profound that it’s a physical ache.”

Funeral directors are often first responders:

Funeral directors and the funeral services industry serve as a vital line of first response to those impacted by the profound and crippling effects of suicide loss. Suicide claims more lives each year in Australia than deaths by traffic accidents and homicides combined. Suicide is a tragedy that can be prevented in many cases and lives can be saved if the right people, equipped with the right knowledge, intervene at the right time.
This is where funeral directors come into play. In your close role with survivors of suicide loss in the immediate aftermath, you play a vital and powerful role. And in partnership with other early responders, including clergy and law enforcement, you can lessen the levelling blow that families are dealt when they lose a loved one to suicide.

People close to the deceased are known as “survivors” of suicide loss.

Death of a loved one can be jolting and unforgiving. The impact on those closest to the deceased – parent, sibling, spouse, child – can be profound and long lasting. People close to the deceased are known as ‘survivor’s of a suicide loss.

What does this short course cover:

– Death by suicide – what’s different?
– Suicide awareness questionnaire
– Sudden loss – what survivors feel
– How do we talk to a suicide survivor?
– Turbulent emotions and questions
– The stigma of suicide – subtle message in mere words
– Calming the storm – responding to complex needs of survivors
– Erratic behaviour and mental illness
– Frequently asked questions about suicide loss answered
– Indicators of suicide
– Compassion fatigue – taking care of yourself
– Helpful resources

This 4 hour workshop can be held for your staff at your workplace, or you can send staff to a scheduled workshop. All enquiries or expression of interest can be directed to our senior trainer, Sandra Willie by email or telephone: (07)3117 2455 or email: sandra@suicideprograms.org.au