Suicide to Hope – Charleville – FULLY FUNDED

Thursday, Sep 12, 2019

8:00am – 4:00pm

Do you work with clients with suicide ideation or behaviours?

Suicide Intervention skills training teaches you how to keep a person at risk of suicide safe for now, but what happens next and how do you work with someone with repeated suicide ideation?

Livingworks Education has developed this new program to help caregivers collaborate with people who experience repeated ideation to work together to develop achievable recovery and growth goals.
Why recovery and growth?
Recovery and growth approaches demonstrate significant positive impacts for those recovering from suicide.
Suicide to Hope is structured around three phases:
1. This first phase focuses on exploring and describing barriers to recovery and growth.
2. The second phase, planning, focuses on formulating recovery and growth goals and plans.
3. The third phase, implementing focuses on monitoring progress and reviewing the process.

In this course, participants will learn to:

– Describe how suicide experiences provide an opportunity for recovery and growth
– Recognize how their attitudes might impact the recovery of the people they are trying to help
– Describe a schematic of themes related to suicide experiences
– A model for developing achievable recovery and growth goals
– Demonstrate use of this model to aid recovery work with a person recently at risk of suicide

Who should participate:
Suicide to Hope is primarily designed for caregivers and assumes a working knowledge of suicide intervention techniques taught in ASIST. The skills learned in the Suicide to Hope workshop will help you support clients who are currently safe from suicide and beyond the first-aid emergency or crisis situation.

Who provides this training?
Lorna Hirsch is a International Senior Coach and Consultant Trainer for Livingworks Education. Lorna manages the WA Branch of the National Centre for Suicide Prevention Training, and has over 18 years’ experience working as an educator in suicide across Australia as well as internationally.

Event Location

Bidjarra Conference Centre, Wills Street, Charleville

Event Fees

This training is funded by Qld. Govt.