CALM is a one day workshop that teaches you how to carry out life-saving interventions for someone who may be thinking about ending their own life. Losing someone to suicide is a tragedy that is preventable with the right skills and tools. This workshops will help you recognise the subtle warning signs that are often missed, and how to open up a conversation in a comfortable and safe manner. This is an evidence-based program, informed by lived experience with a focus on what language to use to achieve a positive outcome.

You will learn:

  • What to do and what to say to someone thinking of suicide,
  • How to recognize the often ‘overlooked’ subtle signs that someone may be thinking suicide,
  • How to keep CALM and comfortably continue a conversation after asking about suicide,
  • How to help someone talk about their worries and concerns,
  • How to help the person not feel judged, but rather understood and supported,
  • How to help the person see that suicide might not be the only answer and that safety could be an option for them,
  • How to work together on a commitment to safety,
  • How to monitor the persons progress.

    You will receive:

  • A 24 page book with examples of what to say or ask at any stage of the conversation, including a list of all National Helplines and Websites in Australia.
  • You will be given access to the CALM Conversations App, titled ‘Be Calm’ that you can use during an intervention and ‘on the spot’ at short notice.
  • The person you are assisting will have access to the CALM ‘Be Safe’ App. you can find this app in your app store by searching these three words: ‘be safe suicide’ and looking for the large blue square with a big white ‘C’ in the centre.
  • You will have access to additional and helpful information on the CALM website to further your learning and development.
  • You will be given a printed certificate of attendance that you can proudly put on display.
  • Our trainers are qualified counsellors, with first hand experience in working with persons with suicide ideation, and assisting them towards safety.
  • This Australian evidence-based program is based on therapeutic strategies that are proven to work.
  • This 1 day workshop can be held for your staff at your workplace, or you can send your staff to a scheduled workshop, view the official website for public training dates at:
  • Consider attending the T4T (Train the trainer) in February 2019. This offers the benefit of someone from your organisation to become an accredited CALM trainer allowing them train your internal staff which will reduce your training costs considerably – view more details on the CALM website at:
  • All enquiries or expression of interest can be directed to our trainers, Sandra Willie or Melanie Schroder by email or telephone: (07)3077 6536; Mobile: 0433 121 999 or email:;