Suicide is Preventable

Most suicidal people do not want to die. They simply do not want to live with the pain. Openly talking about suicidal thoughts and feelings can save a life. Do not underestimate your abilities to help a suicidal person, even to save a life.
This new MHFA 4 hour course will give you the knowledge and skills to assist someone and save a life.

How can I tell if someone is feeling suicidal?

It is important that you know the warning signs and risk factors for suicide, and the reasons why a person might have thoughts of suicide.
Preparing yourself to approach a person feeling suicidal.
We guide you on how to comfortably tell someone about your concerns and open the topic on suicide.

How to talk to someone who is feeling suicidal.

There are some do’s and don’ts when talking with someone. When you understand these you will feel more confident in your approach.

How to tell the urgency of the situation.

You will learn how to check on the persons immediate safety and what steps to take.

How to keep a person safe.

Talking to the person thinking about suicide and working together on a plan to keep the safe for now.

Professional help.

Knowing what resources and services are available in your area is important.

This 4 hour workshop can be held for your staff at your workplace, or you can send staff to a scheduled workshop. All enquiries or expression of interest can be directed to our senior trainer, Sandra Willie by email or telephone: (07)3117 2455 or email: