Identifying the warning signs in your children

Statistics indicate that thousands of teenagers are diagnosed with clinical depression almost every year. However signs for depression are the same as suicide warning signs and thus depression requires your utmost attention in order for the consequent suicide to be prevented. If left ignored depression can become a devastating disease for the affected individual and their families which can ultimately be the driving factor towards self harm and suicide. In order for you to be able to prevent the occurrence of such a calamity, then you as a parent must be able to effectively identify the warning signs that your children may exhibit before resolving to drastic measures which they believe will end their problems.

In our busy lives we can sometimes overlook slight behavioural changes that our children may portray whence experiencing difficult times. However it is our duty to come forward and approach our children in ways that they may comfortable in communicating their troubles with us. In any case it is important that you maintain the lines of communication constantly open and consistently express your concern, support, and love towards them, as it is possible that they may be simply feeling lonely or left out. Should your teen confide in you their loss of hope or control of their life, show that you take those feelings extremely seriously. It is imperative that you do not resolve to make light of, tease or discount what your troubled child is experiencing due to the reason that this can catalyse his/her sense of despair. Furthermore you should attempt to understand their situation without resolving to accusations and you must respect the individual’s opinions and problems as well as avoiding blaming them or yourself for the feelings experienced, but you should attempt at rationalising the scenario and brainstorm solutions together. If there are problems within your child’s school then perhaps speaking to a teacher may help as well as reaching out to close friends.

Recognising the symptoms of depression and targeting them is an effective preventative procedure against teenage suicidal attempts. Most likely your children will give off signs that they are experiencing depression and so you as a parent must be able to clearly identify these signs, as it is widely believed that if left ignored childhood depression can ultimately lead to attempted suicide. Some common signs that you should be aware of include:
• Children isolating themselves from friends and family
• Children losing interest in what was their preferred activity
• Children exhibiting differences within their personality
• Changes in eating or sleeping habits
• Children practicing purposeful self harm
• Changes towards personal hygiene and appearance
• Children complaining about anxiety-related physical problems such as stomach aches

These are a few of the most common signs that are observed when children are experiencing the early stages of depression. It is extremely important that parents are quick to identify these signs and communicate effectively with the child in order to assist the teenager with their situation and work towards eliminating the feelings from their life, such that they have an optimistic outlook on life and the thought of suicide is well removed. Through this the child will comfortable in relating any other feelings that they may be experiencing in later years to come.

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