Maureen Underwood leads the charge in youth suicide prevention.

Maureen Underwood, a licensed clinical social worker, has dedicated her life to dealing with the tough stuff – issues such as youth suicide – that no one really likes to talk about.
Maureen is one of the Co-Founders at the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide, holding the position of Clinical Director.
Maureen was instrumental in writing and publishing Lifelines Trilogy – A Suicide Prevention Program, an Evidence-Based whole-school program listed on the SPRC(Suicide Prevention Resource Centre) Best Practices Registry.

Lifelines Trilogy trainings have been provided to nearly 5,000 educators in 35 states across the USA, and the video; “Not My Kid…What Every Parent Should Know”, also developed by Maureen has been viewed on line over 15,000 times.

Throughout her career, Maureen Underwood has displayed a passionate commitment to the value of life. Her dedication to providing evidence based, best practice suicide prevention strategies and her commitment to removing the stigma of suicide has undoubtedly saved countless lives.

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