Crisis of Suicide

Suicide for most is outside the realms of normal experiences. It is a rare event that can happen suddenly taking others around them unawares with very little coping skills. Suicide defies our natural human survival instinct which also makes it difficult for others to comprehend.
There are lots of questions but never any clear answers, often leaving others with questions “why did this happen” “what if….” “Could I have done something…?” It’s hard to accept something we don’t understand, and so we continue to search for an explanation, until we can come to terms with what has happened. Some may make up reasons in an effort to cope and make sense of it “she was under a lot of pressure” “he dropped his bundle when his wife died” Trying to assign responsibility to someone or something so they can deal with this terrible event.
It’s important to remember there is never one reason alone that someone takes their own life. Often it is a cumulative effect of many events, even though the last event may be more prominent.
An act of suicide can challenge us; our values and beliefs, especially if we believe it is morally wrong. Survivors who are left behind may feel an exaggerated sense of responsibility for the death, that they should have seen it coming or been able to stop it – the sad truth is, that it isn’t always the case.
The enormity of social stigma around suicide makes it more difficult for people to bring it out into the open and talk about it, but it’s only open discussion that will create awareness and lessen the stigma which may result in more lives being saved from suicide.

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